Inclement Weather Policy

The Reserve Club Pool Inclement Weather Policy

The Reserve Club Pool (RCP) uses the WeatherBug app, to track nearby lightning strikes. When thunder or lightning is first detected by a lifeguard, all pool activities will be suspended. The pool must remain cleared for 30 minutes after the most recent lightning strike within ten miles of the pool. Patrons must remain at least 50 feet away from the edge of the pool. The pool area’s will be cleared, and members and guests will not be allowed near water pipes (showers), slides, electric wiring and telephone wiring. (Swimming pools are connected to a much larger surface area via underground). Lightning strikes on the ground anywhere on this metallic network may include shocks elsewhere. If weather conditions continue to decline, the pool facility may be evacuated, and daily operations will be canceled.

The pool manager and/or the RCP board reserve the right to make a judgment call on safety and behavior issues. Any person who is not abiding by the rules and regulations will be asked to leave the pool area. Multiple infractions of these rules by any member or guest will result in revocation of his/her membership by the board of directors.

Lightning Myths and Facts

Published: August 10, 2022

Updated: August 10, 2022