Dues Increase

Greetings Members,

Thank you for your support of the Reserve Pool. We all are committed to the success of our pool. Summer is around the corner, and we are excited for the pool to open.

Last year with everyone’s support, we were successful in making these updates and repairs

  • 21 new lawn chairs
  • 3 new umbrellas
  • The pump was replaced
  • We made progress repair the parking lot, but still have more to do

After we reviewed our upcoming expenses for this year, we determined that our dues will need to increase to $600 to keep up with rising costs. A few contributing factors are

  • Payroll cost increasing. Minimum wage increased by $1.09 to $13.65
  • Utilities cost increasing
  • Pool cheimicals costs increasing
  • Insurnace cost increasing
  • We’re still investigating if the new law regarding sick pay and 401(K) to employees apply to us. If so, we’ll have additional costs associated with payroll and admistration

We appreciate your continued support as a member of the Reserve Pool. We are looking forward to a great summer season.

Sincerely, The Board

Published: April 25, 2023

Updated: April 25, 2023